Skin Conditions & CBD

Anyone who’s suffering from skin conditions is in a cruel cycle that affects not only his health, but his mental and emotional wellbeing as well.

Skin problems increase stress and stress worsens skin problems…and it can go on and on.

Skin problems, especially if they’re uncontrolled, can result in stress and anxiety disorders as well as depression. It can even trigger suicidal thoughts.

What are some common skin problems and what worsens them?

The most common skin problem in the United States is acne, and it mostly affects teenagers since the development of acne is usually triggered by changes in the hormones.  But acne also affects adults[i] and it can persist past their middle age.

Other common skin conditions include atopic dermatitis, contact dermatitis, rosacea, psoriasis, chronic pruritus, and basal cell carcinoma, which is the most common of all skin cancer types.

Of these skin conditions, there is one physiological process that seems to worsen them, and that is inflammation.

Although inflammation is our body’s natural defense against pathogens and irritants, this natural and valuable defense can also turn against us.

The inflammatory process plays a supporting role in the development of acne lesions[ii]. Atopic dermatitis[iii] is a type of inflammatory skin condition.  Contact dermatitis[iv] flares up because of irritants, and these irritants will trigger inflammation.  If it becomes chronic, the risk of developing skin cancer becomes real.

Rosacea[v], psoriasis[vi], chronic pruritus[vii]…the inflammatory process plays a role in each of these skin conditions’ pathophysiology.

Even in basal cell carcinoma[viii], chronic inflammation seems to play a role.

What is the common treatment for skin conditions?

To help treat these skin conditions, you need to control inflammation, so NSAIDs and other types of anti-inflammatories are often prescribed. Antibiotics, both oral and topical, may also be given to prevent or treat infections. You can also take pain medications for control of pain.

But you have to know though that these drugs, although they can control inflammation and pain, have side effects[ix] to be wary of. The risk for developing serious problems from these medications increases the longer you use them.