Obesity & CBD

Can CBD (Cannabidiol) from hemp be a great answer for weight control?

You may look and feel absolutely fine, depending on your height, lifestyle, and activity level. But if you’re within the overweight or obesity range, you’re at higher risks for some serious health issues. Obesity research has shown that statewide, the deep southern states contain the densest amount of obese residents with Arkansas topping the list at an almost 40% obese rate. Colorado shows almost half that as the lowest state for obesity with a 21.3% obesity rate – which is lower than D.C., Hawaii, and California. Hmmm… can you guess a connection there?

Of course, it’s not just adults who suffer. Over 23 million children and teens are now obese, leading to $117 billion annually in extra medical costs and research expenses to combat this epidemic. And still, science knows little more about the causes and cures of obesity than they do about the common cold. What they do know, however, is what obesity leads to when untreated. Kidney disease, liver disease, heart disease, stroke, sleep apnea, pregnancy and fertility issues, cancer, and diabetes are among the most common health issues from packing on more than a few extra pounds. Science is tired of tiptoeing around the issue here. The fact is, most people fail at long term weight loss without surgical help. But new research has shown that nature’s oldest remedy, cannabis – and specifically hemp-based cannabidiol(CBD), may actually tip the scale in the right direction.