Arteriosclerosis & CBD

Despite how terrifying atherosclerosis might sound, many options are available for treatment, and most have extremely positive results in improving heart health. Many treatment options are not medications at all, but rather lifestyle changes. This means maintaining a healthy diet, including eating less meat and more unprocessed whole foods. It also means increasing the amount of exercise in your life. These lifestyle changes will not be able to reduce the amount of plaque already built up in your arteries, but they still will reduce significantly your chances of having a stroke or heart attack.

What options are out there to remove the plaque and reverse the internal damage done by atherosclerosis? If you ask most medical professionals today, they likely will point to prescription drugs, insertion of stents to unblock arteries or, in extreme cases, bypass surgery. None of these options are natural, and all have potentially dangerous side effects. For those dedicated to finding a natural option for atherosclerosis treatment, CBD oil is offering an exciting solution.