Arthritis & CBD

Studies conducted in lab rats have shown that CBD drastically reduces a model of acute arthritis that applies to numerous different types of joint disorders.

Cannabidiol’s anti-inflammatory properties have pointed scientists toward the possibility of CBD being used to slow or even reverse the symptoms of arthritis, however more research is needed on cannabidiol’s effect and mechanism of acting on arthritis, the initial results seem promising.

CBD is well known to help with pain, with artheritis, it reduces the pain caused by several types of arthritis, including the prevalent rheumatoid arthritis.

It is not clear which of CBD’s effects are at play here, the anti-inflammatory properties or the analgesic effects, or both, some studies point toward both. Should this be proven farther or accepted more widely, CBD would become an accepted treatment for both arthritis and a host of arthritis-related pains.

All in all, Cannabidiol seems a very promising alternative to treating arthritis and long-term joint inflammations in general. Some cannabidiol arthritis studies have even demonstrated surprisingly positive results.

Farther, Cannabidiol’s apparent lack of side effects renders it a viable supplementary treatment for arthritis and arthritis-related pains, at least.