High CBD Hemp/Sativa Flower, Full Spectrum CBD Crystal & And Industrial Hemp Cannabidiol Oil

FROM Industrial Hemp/Sativa Flowers, CBD Clinic Care and its team of International Companies are a group that collaborate together to farm, harvest and produce & distribute Full Spectrum CBD Oil and Crystal on an Industrial Scale.  Our major items for distribution are trimmed seedless Industrial Hemp/Sativa Flowers very high in CBD with THC levels inferior to 1% as well as extraction of Full Spectrum Cannibidiol in Crystal form. Our Full Spectrum CBD Crystal is the highest available quality & purity for near Medical purposes. From a huge source of Pedigree farmed Industrial/Sativa Hemp to patented extraction methods, CBD Clinic Care product is extremely natural and pure, its crystalline form is colorless and tasteless. CBD Clinic Care Full Spectrum CBD Crystal is the Highest & Purest Quality CBD in the Industry. This new Industry Standard is a low temperature de-carboxylate Industrial Hemp/Sativa Oil derived from Full Spectrum CBD Crystal ranging from 99.70% to 100% Pure CBD and contains No THC. With In-House Extraction methods for Full Spectrum Crystal production, CBD Clinic Care offers its customers different types known as Standard Full Spectrum Crystal as well as Micro·Soluble sized CBD Crystal in both Water Soluble & Oil Soluble forms.  Our Micro Soluble Oil Crystal also contains Full Spectrum Terpenes which makes it ideal for blending and specific product optimization. This gives all companies the opportunity to Custom Design, formulate & optimize Full Spectrum CBD Crystal into a variety of products…. including oils, beverages, edibles, cosmetics, tinctures, pet treats, vitamin supplements, gels, tablets, trans-dermal bandages as well as vape liquids.